Computer Controller

Computer Rental Controller 6.5.0

Computer Rental Controller 6.5.0: For Internet Cafés or computer kiosks. Sell passwords to computer or record use computer, as well as access to the Computer Rental Controller control panel. Using the second method, Computer Rental Controller allows you to create and store a list of permanent passwords. Each password can be used an unlimited number of times. When a person gains access to the computer using one of these passwords, Computer Rental Controller keeps track of how long the person is on the computer. It can then give a report of how long each person

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Neutrinox Robot Controller 2.2

computer`s serial port. Neutrinox Robot Controller allows you to control RS232 enabled microchips such as the PIC MCU and the Basic Stamp through your computers serial port. Neutrinox Robot Controller has a lot of configurable options, and we offer custom copy service in case you didn`t find the feature/s you`re looking for. Neutrinox Robot Controller can be used to: control RS232 enabled projects through your computer`s serial port with your keyboard

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NCD Device Development Lib 1.0: NCD relay controllers offer computer control from the RS-232 serial port
NCD Device Development Lib 1.0

NCD Devices Development Lib supply powerful ActiveX for all NCD devices. NCD relay controllers allow computer controlled switching from the RS232 serial port of a microcontroller or computer. NCD video switchers allow computer controlled multiplexing of audio or vide signals from the RS232 serial port of your computer.

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SyvirMon Std. Virtual Computer 1.00

Computer. When you click with the computers mouse button Virtual Computer simulates what is going on inside your computer, with Virtual Computer you can see the path the data travels along on the virtual motherboard. The virtual motherboard displays the data path a key press takes as it journeys to the computers CPU. With virtual computer you can see the path the data travels along on the virtual motherboard. Virtual Computer monitors the computers

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TheOne Computer Inventory Free Edition 3.3.0: TheOne Computer Inventory Free Edition can gather software and hardware info.
TheOne Computer Inventory Free Edition 3.3.0

Controller, IDE Controller, USB Controller, SCSI Controller and PCMCIA Controller 12. Serial Port and Parallel Port 13. Printer 14. Battery Requirement : [Operating System] Computer Inventory supports the below OS : 1. Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2003 Server, 2000 Server, 2000 Professional, NT, 98 and 95 2. PIII processor (or equivalent) and later 3. 512MB RAM or above 4. 100MB Harddisk available space or above 5. 10/100 or wireless LAN card [Hardware

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True Last Logon Active Directory True Last Logon Time for Users and Computers
True Last Logon

Find the true last logon time for every user and computer account. Clean up your Active Directory by easily identifying unused or obsolete user and computer accounts by identifying their true last logon time and account status. The true last logon time can be a problem for system administrators as different times are stored on each domain controller. True Last Logon queries all Active Directory Domain Controllers to gain the true last logon time.

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Shut UP 2.1.6: Shut UP! is a tray-based tool that can reboot or shut down your PC
Shut UP 2.1.6

Shut UP! is a tray-based tool that can reboot or shut down your PC at the time(s) you specify. Just select the time of the day and check off the day(s) of the week you want your computer to close down or restart; Shut UP! takes care of the rest. The program sports an easy-to-understand interface and supports an unlimited number of exit events.

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